With each passing day, the situation around the new coronavirus (Covid-19) epidemic becomes more severe. Because of the unpredictable nature of the current situation, PG SOFT has given 250,000 face masks to businesses and consumers in order to offer a helping hand to the unsung heroes who are working tirelessly to contain the epidemic across the world.

We are aware that many of our international customers and businesses are currently engaged in the fight against the pandemic, and as a result of rising demand, materials required to combat the virus in many areas are becoming increasingly scarce, and the demand for face masks has increased explosively, resulting in a worldwide battle to halt the virus outbreak.

PG SOFT is strong in its belief that, in times of crisis, it is the duty of everyone in the worldwide community to come together and work together to combat the epidemic! With this unwavering commitment to making a positive contribution to the worldwide anti-pandemic cause, PG SOFT has chosen to launch our face mask donation campaign!

While it was not an easy task to purchase a large number of face masks in such a tight supply of materials everywhere, PG SOFT was able to successfully purchase 250,000 face masks through our continuous persistence in contacting and coordinating with multiple resources, and was able to quickly deliver the face masks to enterprises and customers who required them! Whatever the length of time this pandemic crisis lasts, PG SOFT will continue to do all we can to provide face masks to people in need!

Ken Zhang, the managing director and co-founder of PG SOFT, has said that the company’s corporate culture has always been based on “trustworthiness, reciprocity, and high integrity.” It is our hope that the face masks that PG SOFT is giving will be able to make a difference in the worldwide battle against the pandemic during this very difficult pandemic prevention and control period.”

PG SOFT will actively monitor the development of the pandemic and will continue to provide contributions to the battle against the pandemic in the coming months.. Let us all be strong and work together to conquer this!


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