Rules, Cost, and Odds of the Lottario

Numerous variations of games fall within the broad category of gambling. Some of these games have risen to prominence throughout the years while others have faded. Lotteries are a type of gambling that fits this description. OLG is the government-sanctioned lottery service in Canada. Lottario is one of the most well-liked Canadian lottery games, and players can access it with this. In this article, we’ll examine these many facets in an effort to gain a firmer grasp on them.

Just How Do You Play the Lottery?

Luck plays a huge role in lotteries. It’s a game of chance since winning is determined by drawing a certain number. The idea is to pick a few numbers from a pool that you think has a decent shot of being drawn. If you pick a lot of winning numbers, you’ll get a greater payout.


You must select 6 numbers between 1 and 45 to play Lottario. Quick Play gives you the option of doing this at random. You can also use a selection slip to pick your own numbers.


Lottario offers players the chance to play a bonus round. Those words are “Encore.” If you choose to spend a little more money, you can enter 10 plays in each draw.


Where exactly do you go to play Lottario? There are two approaches to this. You can get your lotto ticket from a legitimate vendor. Another option is to buy the ticket in advance online. You can do it at any online lottery agent or on the official OLG website.


When you buy a lottery ticket from a retailer, they’ll also give you a selection slip. There, you get to pick whatever six digits you like. If you want to use Quick Play, just ask the cashier to enable it.


After then, you should be finished with it. If you wish to double-check your lottery ticket, you’ll have to make another trip to the store.


Visit the website to purchase your tickets over the internet. You can also receive it and place your bet at a legitimate online lottery casino. The same functionality may be found in the official OLG app.


OLG provides Canadian and Ontario casino goers with more than just Lottario. Lotto 6/49, Daily Keno, Ontario 49, and other games are available. The chances and payouts vary between the two. You are welcome to take a look at them.


We’ve already mentioned that you can pick at random with the “Quick Play” button. If you select this option, the system will make the decision for you. The probabilities remain the same even if the system picks the numbers.


Lottery Etiquette

A game can’t exist without rules. Indeed, this is also true with lottery games. Rules, odds, and awards might vary widely amongst lotteries. It’s the defining factor between different lotteries.


To help you get a feel for Lottario, here is a quick rundown of the rules.


Potential Winnings and Odds

The odds are the most important factor in every lottery. It’s not only lotteries, either. The same idea applies to other games of chance, such as the top bingo sites online. Everyone who enters the lottery would be well to familiarize themselves with the odds, even if this will never improve their chances of winning.


Lottario offers nine ever more valuable levels of rewards. The odds of winning are lower with a lottery that only allows you to pick six numbers. Without further ado, let’s check the Lottario odds.


The odds of selecting all six primary numbers are one in 4,072,530.

There is a one in 678,755 chance of winning with 5 main numbers and 1 bonus number.

It’s only one in 17,862 to win with those five primary numbers.

The probability of correctly selecting all 5 numbers is only 1 in 7,145.

With only those four digits, the odds are 1 in 386.

Getting the main three and bonus number requires a 1 in 290 chance.

The probability of winning is one in every 24.1.

The probability of getting 1 bonus number is only 1 in 8.

The odds of getting all four numbers in the first draw are one in 4,967.

Lottario Ticket Costs

The first thing you need to do to win the jackpot in Lottario is to purchase a ticket. You can’t even play, much less win, the lotto without purchasing a ticket. Lottario requires a one dollar (C$) admission fee. You’ll have the option of picking from two groups of six. You can wager C$1 on each additional option that you choose to play for.


You win based on how many of your selected numbers match the winning combination. You’ll earn more points for making more exact pairs.


Think you remember “Encore”? This is an additional game that may be played alongside Lottario. It’s not just the Canadian lottery that offers this. Encore costs an additional C$1 in addition to the regular ticket price. One need not do so. If you only have a buck, Canadian, it’s worth giving it a shot.

Lotto winnings


The jackpot is the most anticipated part of playing the lottery, regardless of where you are or which lottery you play. Excellent news on the Lottario jackpot. The amount of the jackpot varies. This means you can anticipate very large returns.


The minimum payout is $250,000 Canadian. The jackpot will continue to increase until a winner is declared. The first award is this. The other prizes in the lottery do not constitute a proportional share of the total pot. You can count on a consistent payout.


The runner-up award of $10,000 Canadian is a sizable sum. The following prize is $500 Canadian. The prize for coming in at number four is thirty Canadian dollars. Two levels down, the awards are $10 and $5 Canadian. The amount of $4,000 Canadian dollars for seventh place. One free game is the eighth and final prize.


So, you can still get away with a free play even if you don’t hit any numbers. The early birds get the ninth and last prize. And the prize pool is split between the lucky winners.


A million dollars might be yours if you win at Encore. When you enter Encore, you’re automatically entered into every Maxmillions draw. So, for the low, low price of just C$1, you have a shot at winning even more cash.


Greatest Success Ever

Lottario has no maximum jackpot amount, hence some of the winners’ claims are outlandish. However, winning the lottery is hardly a walk in the park. If more people were winning at Lottario, you’d hear about it.


The 72-year-old Andrija Konjeck plays the lotto occasionally. He earned C$734,000 on Lottario in March of 2021. In May of 2021, another man named Wayne Best earned C$2,520,857. He had never before attempted to win the lotto. What kind of luck would you need to succeed at first attempt?


The Lottery’s Final Count

The lottery’s winners are revealed every week. It will be held on a Saturday. Tickets will be available for purchase right up until the time of the drawing. You can enter the early drawing if you get it by Friday at midnight.


At precisely 10:30 o’clock, we’ll be holding the draw. It only takes ten minutes to finish up. And the following draw’s sales kick off at 10:40 p.m. Scanning the ticket at a participating merchant or within the app will reveal the outcome.


You can verify the outcomes by visiting their website. It’s also a practical choice because the results are posted shortly after the draw is held.


Lottario Prize Claiming Procedure

If you win something, it’s best to claim it within a year. If you don’t submit your claim by then, you won’t be eligible for the prizes. Don’t miss out; make sure you’re paying attention when the results are out.


You can collect prizes worth up to C$1,000 at the OLG Prize Center, by mail, or from any authorized store. You can cash in your winnings by showing your ticket. The Prize Center or participating casinos are where winners can collect rewards of up to C$250,000.


All prize amounts over C$250,000 must be claimed at the Prize Center. A Lottery Prize Claim Declaration Form may be required. The application is posted on the site’s main page.


Paying Taxes on These Awards

In Canada, lottery winners are exempt from paying taxes on their winnings, regardless of the amount. Lottery prizes are exempt from taxation in Canada. That’s fantastic news.


The same applies to people living in other countries. However, depending on the regulations in your country, you may be required to pay taxes if you play from outside of Canada.

What We Think of Lottario


Because of the low entry fee, Lottario is a fantastic option for first-timers. You may win millions of dollars in exchange for just one Canadian dollar. You should give Lottario a shot even if you don’t enjoy lotteries.


Lottario Frequently Asked Questions

Please refer to this area if you have any further inquiries.


When exactly are the Lottario drawings held?


The weekly Lottario drawing takes place every Saturday night at 10:30 p.m. (Eastern).


The Lottario belongs to whom?


The OLG (Ontario Lottery and Gaming Commission) runs all of Canada’s lottery games, including Lottario.


How likely am I to win the Lottario?


To win Lottario, you’ll need to match all six primary numbers, which has extremely long odds. It’s 1 in 4,072,530.

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