How Many Nigerians Work Online?

When I was ready to graduate from polytechnic in 2007, a buddy introduced me to the tremendous prospects of generating a consistent income online. I didn’t get it till I got my hands on a free report by Travis Sago called “The Bum Marketing Method.”

Unlike many new online marketers, I didn’t give up until I earned my first $5 via Google AdSense with my first site.

Even though I want to earn money like them, I always remembered Robert Kiyosaki’s words: “If you want to be successful, find out what everyone else is doing and do the opposite.” “It’s too simple to earn money legally to risk going to prison for anything illegal,” he said. Besides, I must safeguard my identity and family’s.

My breakthrough came when I met several Nigerians doing lawful business online. But I encountered non-Nigerians who helped me achieve my internet breakthrough. I never met them in person, but I read their books and visited their websites. Ewen Chia, Joel Comm, Robert Kiyosaki, Travis Sago, etc.

Among the Nigerians are:

Success Attitude Development Center (SADC) was formed in 1995 by Sunny Obazu-Ojeagbase (PhD) to produce and nurture entrepreneurs who are motivated by the fear of God. On his website he says he publishes Success Digest Extra, a weekly magazine that teaches individuals how to earn money both He lives in Lagos.

And Mr. Henry Omenogor, a money generating specialist who concentrates on addressing technological challenges online and offline. He owns a web design and hosting firm for Nigerian businesses. He founded Oh My Website, Menog Computers, and Prints And Publishing. He publishes Start Your Own Business. He is from Lagos, Nigeria.

Last but not least is Olusegun Kofoworola, who works as a freelancer on Scriptlance, Getacoder, LimeExchange, and eufreelance. He launched his online campaign in 2007 and has been a friend, coworker, and inspiration to me. He is from Akure, Ondo State.

Who makes money online in Nigeria? Thousands, to be precise. These are three folks I’ve met personally throughout the years. To name a few, they earn money via Google AdSense, affiliate marketing, domain monetization and copywriting. These folks represent Nigeria well and make their nation proud.

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