Discover our complete cricket betting strategy guide. With our unique algorithm, you can confidently bet on cricket. Let us show you how to win at cricket betting. Already a bettor? Regardless of your level of expertise, this guide provides you an advantage.

  • Goal-setting

Whether you’re new to cricket betting or not, getting into the appropriate frame of mind is critical.

Of course, you could just go to a random online sportsbook and bet your whole bankroll on a team you’ve never heard of and win big.

It takes technique to bet for profit and success, to ensure your successes are well researched and your losses are minimized. Trust us, our recipe for success with online cricket betting will have you making wise judgments in no time.

What am I aiming for?

Knowing why you want to gamble on a cricket match is a good start. You’ve come to the proper site to transform your cash into profit. If you’re a casual gambler looking for a little entertainment, you may not follow every step in our cricket betting technique, but earning money makes betting much more pleasurable.

What budget do I have?

It’s critical to determine how much you want to spend and how much you can afford to put early on. Remember to only gamble with money you can afford to lose; gambling is for fun, not for profit. Decide on a quantity and don’t raise it afterwards. Always gamble responsibly.

What if I lose all my bets?

Accepting that losses are part of betting is the greatest first step. It’s difficult to precisely anticipate every cricket match’s result; many bettors like planning for future wins, but few prepare for a total loss. You won’t pursue your losses if you only wager with money you can afford to lose. If you lose, think about why and wait until you’re ready and financially able to gamble again.


Understand why you want to wager on cricket and don’t let your deposit amount be dictated by whim.

  • Analyses

Why would the top sports bettors in the world put a bet without completing their homework first?

Researching your options is an essential element of any effective cricket betting strategy. You can forecast the outcome of a game by looking at factors like season numbers, team form, and even the weather. Start wide and work your way down later.

Weather & Pitch

Once you’ve decided on a date, start looking into the venue. Most amateur gamblers will just look at who has the home advantage and make a prediction, but there is so much more to a cricket match’s location.

The weather has a big impact on cricket, as varied circumstances lead to distinct game styles. Understanding this data is critical when betting on any cricket match. Here’s how the weather might change the pitch conditions, so you can take advantage of it.

Humidity, cloudiness, and wind increase ball swing. (Seam movement on green or grassy wickets may generate swing).

Weather may impact the pitch in three ways:

A dusty pitch spins the ball more because it grips the surface better.

HARDER PITCHES CREATE PACE AND BUMP FOR THE BOWLER, BUT THE BALL CO A firm pitch allows a batsman to move the ball across the field.

This may break the pitch in test cricket, benefitting both fast and spin spinners.

Conditions damp or dewy provide a slower pitch that might become mushy and sticky. It’s harder for the bowler to get their pitch correct, but less predictable for the batsmen. A slower pitch typically results in a lower score.

Weather impact on 2020 IPL season

It was damp and misty throughout numerous IPL games in 2020, particularly in the second innings. The damp outfield made the ball tough to handle. The humidity helped seamers swing the ball in the opening innings since the dew hadn’t settled. This scenario occurred sufficiently often enough that teams chose to bat second.


It’s easy to observe how each team’s recent performance, but not so easy to learn from the facts. Online, the official IPL site is the most dependable source for this information. We’ve highlighted the main numbers to look at while assessing each team’s performance.

Form lately

The greatest blunder is ignoring each team’s recent form. A winning streak boosts confidence and spirit, whereas a few defeats push a team to change tactics.

Results against.

Look at the last several years’ outcomes between the two clubs. Has one side dominated? Since 2018, the Delhi Capitals have defeated the Royal Challengers Bangalore four times in the IPL. If you’re betting on the outcome of their next match, take it into account.

Result vs. a

Many teams have similar styles or at least players. Examine how one of the teams performed against comparable opponents.

modes de jeu

Keeping with the idea of styles, observe how a team acts whether leading or behind. The coin toss has a big impact on the game and may affect which live markets to bet on.

Player Effort

Ultimately, the performances of each team’s players will determine a game of cricket. If the two teams have a huge talent gap, analyzing their players’ performances isn’t as relevant, and you’ll earn less value betting on that game. Professional cricket isn’t that simple, therefore predicting how particular players will perform can offer you a great advantage when placing bets.

Batsmen and bowlers are the most important players in the game, thus it is easy to study their performance. Then you may look at which batters struggle against various bowlers. Check out these stats:

Batting avg

batting average

Total spheres

Centuries and half-centuries

Bowling ave

Bowling ad

Strike rate

Making a Prediction

Always remember your past studies on the weather, pitch, and team performance. Using all of your research will offer you an advantage when betting on cricket online.

Let’s look at an example of combining your knowledge into a betting slip:

Sunrisers Hyderabad host the Chennai Super Kings at Rajiv Gandhi International Stadium.

The game is scheduled for 7:30 pm, with a forecast of 33 degrees and low humidity (24%); Hyderabad’s home field is generally dry and dusty.

Although Chennai has a good record versus Hyderabad, they have recently won two games at home.

The pitch is pointing to a fantastic day for Rashid Khan. In 2020, he had the greatest economy, 3rd most dot balls, and 6th most wickets in the IPL.

Khan is an early bowler for Hyderabad and might trouble the Super Kings’ top and middle order. Using this data, we could look at the following betting markets:

Kept X wickets by Rashid Kahn

Hyderabad to score X runs first

Rashid Kahn – Best Opening Partnership – Hyderabad

Researching the facts can help you establish your own ideas rather than trusting someone else’s.

  • The Best Cricket Betting Site or App

Indian gamblers may select from a wide range of online sportsbooks and cricket betting providers. Luckily for you, we’re professionals at identifying and suggesting the finest cricket betting sites.

There are several cricket betting apps and services, but the greatest excel in areas where others fail. As stated in chapter one, you may emphasize the features and services that are important to you and pick your cricket betting app or site appropriately.

Detailed information on the top cricket betting apps and services can be found on our best cricket betting apps page. Here are some aspects to look for as priority, which we also examine in our guide:

Live Streaming Bonuses

Market Scope

Customer Service Statistics

Odds vs.

  • Betting

Your objectives are established, your homework is done, and you’ve joined up with the best online sportsbook. You’d have naturally considered your bets along the route, particularly after combining your research’s findings.

You’ll need to be diligent while selecting your bets to stay within your budget. If your study suggests placing more bets than you intended, then divide your bankroll or stick to the markets that give the most value.

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